Heiltsuk Digital Dictionary​

In addition to providing instant approximate search over 10,000 entries, the online Heiltsuk Digital Dictionary includes a flashcard tool, the ability to bookmark entries for later reference, and over 800 sample audio tracks to guide pronunciation. The data are derived from Version 2.1 of the Digital Heiltsuk-English Dictionary, © Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre, 2007. The Heiltsuk Digital Dictionary is made possible through Mother Tongues Dictionaries created by Aidan Pine.

Mother Tongues

Committed to creating thoughtful language revitalization tools for people, Mother Tongues is an organization whose focus is to provide powerful tools for language revitalization. Founded by Aidan Pine on Coast Salish territories, Mother Tongues presently has two publicly available tools, one of which is Mother Tongues Dictionaries, formerly known as Waldayu, is suite of sophisticated dictionary applications for web and mobile platforms that are currently used by almost twenty different languages from 8 different language families.